Tokenized Stock Options
Secondary Marketplace

Crea el plan de phantom shares para tu start up totalmente gratis. 

Gestiona el captable y las rondas de financiación de manera sencilla. 

Invita a inversores a participar en tu fianciación.

Use Helastica for free if your valuation is under 1 million €

Employees wild find liquidity as soon as they vest their phantom shares.

Blockchain technology implementation assures their anonymity. 

The negotiation takes place in the platform. 

Helastica guarantees the property and it’s transmission via smart contracts.

Design all your employees’ phantom shares plan 

Create a phantom shares plan very easily and for free.

Save your valuable time and lots of effort by using Helastica.

Forget lawyer costs and other additional expenses.

How it works

Select the percentage of the phantom share package. 

Configure preferential acquisition rights, liquidity events, cliff, vesting… 

Create smart contracts to automatically update the percentage of phantom shares based on capital increases and vesting

Provides access to the captable for transparency of beneficiaries, vesting and dilutions. 

Gives each beneficiary access to the monitoring of their phantom share package.


Invest in accessible start ups in an alternative way, no more anti portfolio 


Explore the biggest phantom shares inventory

Up to date

Stay automatically updated and follow the evolution of the acquiered assets

We keep it simple

Avoid legal paperwork with the notary, shareholders agreement, bills…

Smart buy

Buy phantom shares’ economic rights via smart contracts 

Confortable experience

Receive the money automatically in case of liquidation


Study the market and it’s investment opportunities with us

  • Access to the most extense dealflow.
  • Automatize investment offers’ flow.
  • Segmentation by KPIs.
  • Work with real data in real time.


Every startup documents in one place. Save work and time in decision-making

  • Use Kanban tables for decision making
  • Automatize startups’ due diligences
  • Program milestone alarms for the startups you track
  • Benchmarking of similar companies
  • Unify the notes of your negotiations


Get automatic reports whenever you want

  • Visualize your portfolio in a dashboard

  • Get the value of your portfolio in real- time

  • Get automatic reports whenever you want

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