IRM for the integral management of influencer networks that allows the automation of all processes 

The all-in-one solution for your influencer strategy


You can affiliate, manage and segment your influencers, and decide who to invite in each campaign.


You can manage their campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via one simple and intuitive platform. Everything is automatized.


At the end of each campaign you can download a report with quantitative and qualitative data. Beyond the common KPI’s, based only on mentions and reach, kasitoko offers an exhaustive report direct from the social network API’s that avoid fraud and analyzes the engagement of each campaign. 

Manage your inventory

Segment and optimize your influencers based on the needs of your campaigns through your own dashboard.

Create campaigns in an effective way

Save tons of hours creating campaigns in a seamless and easy to use dashboard.

Campaigns’ analytics

Metrics and reports to leverage your campaings insight. It will delight your clientes!

Content moderation

Nothing will ever be published without your prior acceptance. The entire posts moderation process is automated.

Connect with your influencers

We are partners of Influchat, the best solution to connect with your influencers through a progressive web app.



Managing your influencer inventory never was so easy. Helastica Dashboard allows you to invite your influencers to join your campaigns. Manage, filter and decide which influencers are active and available for your campaigns and which are not. . But this is only the very beginning!

Influencer's Database

Access all your influencers in a single way. Stop messing around with multiple spreadsheets and have a clear understanding of your influencers database, profiles and status. Filter them by gender, age, social network or location among other filters.

Influencer App

Helastica is connected with Influchat. Influchat is your communication tool with your influencers. The influencers sign up in a few simple clicks. They can affiliate unlimited Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. They can also choose how much they want to be paid and keep track of the money and rewards collected.

Campaign acceptance system

The campaign acceptance system is impulsive. Influencers receive an email and a text to accept or reject a campaign. If accepted, they produce the content directly on Influchat.

Campaigns Management

Everyone knows, manage influencers campaigns sometimes is a pain. Send the briefing, wait until the influencer accept or reject it, call him/her if you have no answer, negotiate the price of the action and so on. If you are lucky you will spend days (if not weeks) preparing a campaign. Is this efficient? Not at all. Let us help you with the Helastica Dashboard Campaign Tool.

Impact your target

Use the advanced segmentation system to choose the best influencers’ profiles and impact the audience you aims in a powerful way. 

Create different strategies

Does each social network have its own plan? Create different strategies within the same campaign. Also you can create different types of actions: monetaries, free or rewarded.

Choose date and time

Helastica automatically publishes the campaign’s content on the influencers’ profiles. It is that easy!

Reporting in real time

Get an advanced report with quantitative and qualitative data. Beyond the common KPI’s ,based only on a number of mentions and reach, kasitoko provides a comprehensive report that analyzes the audience and engagement of each campaign.

Active campaigns

Check on real time the performance of your campaigns The report will allow the advertisers to better analyze who was impacted by their message, as well as make changes to improve the campaign when is still active.

Avoid fraud

Helastica offers an exhaustive report direct from the social network API’s that avoid fraud and analyzes the engagement and impressions of each campaign. 

Download or share it

You can give access to the reports to the advertisers, or you can download a printable version and share it with them on a traditional way.

Content management

Let the influencers write the content based on the brief you provide them beforehand or have them choose between the ones you propose.

Content moderation

Nothing will ever be published without your prior acceptance

Accept or reject a content

When the influencer is the one who writes the content, you will approve or reject it before it is published. 

Ask for changes

Use your dashboard to give feedback to your influencers when you reject a content so they’ll have the chance to change it and send it again through Influchat.

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